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**Currently Under Development**

This tool was built out of the need to generate fake content for testing and/or as needed by development efforts. The document creator is nice to generate a lot of files to test querying, or search results. The list generator was built by the need to generate fake data for DVWP, Custom Built WebParts, Fake Blog Postings, or just about any other fake list type item.

This windows utility allows you to quickly generate fake content for your SharePoint site. 

This version currently supports:

  • Creating Documents* - create any number of phony documents in one or many Document Libraries.
    • Options
      • Use Hidden Document Libraries
      • Number of files
      • File Size (B, KB, MB)
      • Modified Date - can use a set date or specify a range**
      • File Types - can select one, many or all**. Even add your own types

*[Files contain no information, just a blank set of bytes]
**[selects these randomly]
***[iterates through all]

  • Creating List Items - create any number of phony list items in one or many Lists. Each item will be generated with fake data for each supported column type.
    • Options
      • Use Hidden
      • Number of Items
    • Supported Columns
      • Single Line of Text**
      • Multi Line of Text**
      • Number*
      • Choice*
      • Date / Time*
      • Yes / No*
      • Lookup*
      • HyperLink
      • User*

*[Random - from whatever is available]
**[Random Lorem Ipsum]

Screen Shots

  • Creating Documents

  • Creating List Items 

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